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I’m Dinesh Vigneswaran

Vice President

Sales Leader

Business Development Head

About Me
About Me

Seasoned Executive Sales Leader both managing and selling in the IT industry globally. Enjoyed numerous successes with many excellent people and firms growing revenues through sound strategic planning and execution. Constantly looking to challenge me and those around me to build bigger and brighter companies while improving the customer’s experience and value.

Dinesh Vigneswaran is an Enthusiastic and idealistic deal proficient with more than five years of involvement as a project lead for innovation arrangements. Talented at creating and keeping up customer connections and exceptionally dedicated to working with a group to accomplish shares. Dinesh Vigneswaran Achieved more than $200K in deals each quarter and was granted the Tech Salesman of the Year Award in 2019 and rejuvenated, failing to meet expectations deals associations utilizing best practices. Dominates under tension. Familiar with Spanish. 

Dinesh Vigneswaran is a Results-situated deal proficient with ten years of involvement with shopper items and a demonstrated history of surpassing month-to-month contract portions. Profoundly gifted at making new connections and keeping up solid client relations to produce rehash business. Top to bottom information on compelling deals methodologies and extraordinary show abilities. An insightful scholar with the capacity to perform well under tension. Objective and group situated with solid authority abilities and a promise to group standards. 

Dinesh Vigneswaran is a decided proficient with seven years of involvement with B2B deals. Uncommon correspondence, relational and arrangement abilities. A three-time beneficiary of the B2B Sales Award for Excellence. Charming with a demonstrated record of selling fabricating parts. Solid exchange abilities and top to bottom information on the assembling business. Dinesh Vigneswaran has Substantial initiative capacities and an obligation to accomplish deals amount to drive the organization’s development. 

Dinesh Vigneswaran has been an Award-winning deal proficient with more than 12 years of involvement with the innovation business and accomplished more than $500K in exchanges each quarter from 2019 until the present. Demonstrated initiative capacities and profoundly centered around driving group portions in arrangement with the interests of the organization. Inside and out information on documented deal procedures to create and accomplish driven deal targets. Dinesh Vigneswaran Energetic about making, creating, and keeping up client connections to expand deals through recurrent business. Conversant in Spanish and French.


  • Age: 35
  • Residence: Canada
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2012 - Present
HPC Sales Leader


  • Revenue Growth
  • Negotiation
  • M&A Integration
  • Sales Operations
  • Marketing
  • Strategic Planning & Execution
  • Software, Support & Services Sales Leadership
Revenue Growth
Strategic Planning & Execution
Software, Support & Services Sales Leadership
M&A Integration
Sales Operations
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